How to get rid of double chin

How to get rid of double chin

It’s human nature to look beautiful therefore, we spend a lot of money and time on our beauty to be more attractive. At the same time, face plays a significant role to make us more appealing therefore, face with double chin can affect our beauty and consequently our confidence too. But it is always possible to overcome this kind of problem through different ways. But firstly, we would like to describe the possible causes of a double chin and what are the possible ways to get rid of double chin.

What is double chin

Countless people in the world are facing this issue. In this condition, a layer of fats  (submental fats) covers the area below our face near to the neck. We would like to describe some possible reasons causing a double chin.

Causes of double chin

1- Aging: With the growing age the human skin begins to weaken, and as a result, we face double chin condition.
2- Genetics: Sometimes it comes through genetics. Therefore the people who have this condition in their parents may meet this condition.
3- Gaining weight: Increasing weight can be the cause of double chin as well. In this case, our skin loses the elasticity, and double chin appears due to the formation of a layer of fat below the chin.

In the expert’s opinion, the gaining of weight is the most common reason in the people for the double chin.
Experts believe that if you lose your weight, it will help you to get rid of the double chin situation. Well, we will try our best to tell you its effective remedies and exercises which can be practiced at home as well.

Exercises for double chin

It will be essential telling here that there is no scientific proof that the exercises for reducing double chin can actually remove the double chin, but losing overall body weight can help to reduce the double chin. Some gym trainers say that the exercises for double chin work finely. Remember, it is challenging to burn fats only from the face or another specific area of the body, therefore losing weight can help to remove double chin situation. Still, you will find both opinions about using particular exercises which are frequently used by people. We will describe some of the exercises which might help to reduce the double chin.

1-Kissing the Sky

In this posture, you have to lift your face and imagine that you are kissing the sky, make your lips round like kissing someone and stay for 10 seconds, repeat it for 5 to 7 times.

2-Fists on the neck

In this position, You have to place your both fists under your chin then move your lower jaw slowly. Place both fists for 8 seconds and relax. repeat it ten times in a day

3- Left and Right Movement

Moving the head left and right slowly is also considered very good for tightening and removing the double chin. Due to this exercise, the muscles will start to stretch and will be tighter day by day. You can do this exercise once or twice a day with 15 times (head movements) per session.

4- Looking upwards with opening mouth

In this exercise you will face against the sky and then gently start opening and closing the month. This will increase stress on double area which  will automatically get tighter gradually. you can do this exercise once or twice a day for 10 times per session.

5- Clenching and Grinding

Clenching of of lower jaw cause the lower muscle fats to burn efficiently. By doing this the platysma muscle ( see here )  contracts and exercised which will lead to reduce the double chin.

6-Using ball for exercise

In this exercise, you have to put a tennis ball under your chin and then give a slight pressure with your head on the ball. Press for 10 seconds and relax. Repeat it for ten times.

ball under chin to remove double chin problem

7-Chewing a gum

Chewing a piece of gum is always a good exercise for the face and gums. It helps to reduce double chin as well.

chewing gum to reduce the double chin problem

Besides these above exercises, it is a really good idea to deal with this situation by eating a variety of foods and refusing the food which can even make this condition worse. These good food eating practices make our health and metabolism better and cause our body to consume food into energy rather than building extra fats cells.

Selection of foods to get rid of double chin

  • Vegetables are amazingly useful for losing your weight therefore it is good idea to include vegetables in our lunch or dinner everyday.
  • Making habit of eating fruits daily
  • Avoid fast foods
  • Try to take lesser amount of sugar in everything (Tea, Milk, etc. )
  • Drink minimum eight glass of water daily
  • Get healthy fats from the nuts
  • Do eat fish at least twice a week

Home treatments for double chin

Vitamin E

Vitamin-E has a specialty for tightening the skin. Therefore, you can take one vitamin e capsule and apply it on the area of the double chin. It will help you reduce the double chin and will make skin tighten.

Massage with oil

As we know that massage is an ancient treatment for pain and to burn the fats. We use different type of oils in body massage but in case of double chin, it is highly recommended to choose the olive oil as it contains the vitamin-e which helps skin to get more tightness and therefore helps to reduce the appearance of double chin.

Green tea

Green tea helps to reduce your weight and as we told before that losing weight can naturally help to lessen double chin.

Medical Treatment for double chin

Mesotherapy is a simple procedure that contains injections, and the injections break down the specific area of fats. In this way, the double chin issue can be resolved. The process of breaking down body fats through these injections is called lipolysis. Through this process fats from arms, abdomen and chin can be broken down. After the treatment, the patient must have to follow a healthy diet plan. The side effects of this treatment are bruising, swelling and light pain.


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