How to get rid of dark circles under eyes

a girl carrying cucumber on eyes for the treatment of dark circles

It is said that eyes are the picture of the soul and can enhance our appearance. At the same time, eyes are also sensitive organs and need proper care. In this article we would like to discuss  the most common issue that millions of people have to face in their lives commonly known as dark circles below the eyes and also highlighted the different techniques to get rid of dark circles under eyes.

What are dark circles ?

Dark circles are a common issue among men and women. In this condition, the area beneath the eyes turns into the darker shade, and as a result, it makes our appearance older than the current age.

What causes dark circles under eyes

Many circumstances are causing dark circles below the eyes.


The most popular cause of dark circles is dehydration. As we all know our body demands a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day. If we don’t take required water, then our skin beneath the eyes looks dull and dry afterwards, it could get  dark circles around the eyes.

Extreme Fatigue or oversleeping

In the current age thousand of people are getting the dark circles only because of extreme exhaustion and  lake of enough body rest, therefore, lack of sleeping or  even oversleeping could  be the primary reason of dark circles.


Collagen is an important part of our skin which makes our skin  more vibrant, smooth and elastic. As age grows, our skin also gets old; as a result, skin start losing collagen which can promote the dark circles.

Watching TV for a long time

Watching the television or consuming a lot of time on the computer can put stress on your eyes. Therefore, the blood vessels beneath the eyes can make the skin darker.


It is researched that the dark circles could be inherited.

Home remedies for dark circles

We can get rid of dark circles under eyes by simple remedies and treatments. In almost all cases, dark circles are totally curable.

Lemon and tomatoes juice

If we say that the Tomatoes and lemons are gifts for our skin, it would not be wrong. You can apply the lemon juice and tomatoes on the dark circles and leave it for 15 minutes. For quick results use these juices twice a day.

Cold tea bags

It is old and experimented remedy to cure the dark circles. Refrigerate the green tea bags for some time until it becomes cold. Apply the cool tea bags under the eyes on dark circles for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat it every day for a month.


Rosewater has anti-inflammatory ingredients and restores the skin. It is the best natural serum to cure the wrinkles and controls the PH level of our skin. Dip cotton pads with rose water and place them on the dark circles. Repeat it for four weeks.

Almond oil

Almond oil has a high quantity of vitamin A and Vitamin E. This oil has an impressive impact on dark circles. It is recommended to apply the almond oil every night before hitting the sack and lightly massage the dark circle’s area with fingers. Wash your face the next morning.

Mint leaves and cucumber

Mint leaves and cucumber have cooling effects on the skin. Cucumber gives the eyes a relaxing feeling and reduces inflammation of eyes. Same like the cucumber, mint leaves provide relaxation for our eyes. Apply the mint leaves paste on the dark circles and leave it for 8 minutes and wash it off.

Other treatments for dark circles

Despite of different home remedies we have read before, there are also some medical treatments which can really help to remove the dark circles. Some of the following are given below.
1-  Laser surgery for tightness of skin
2- Inject the pigment into the skin

Firstly, before undergoing surgery, you should remember that these medical treatments are costly and painful secondly, consult the doctor to talk about its pros and cons in details.


However, in most cases, dark circles are not harmful to your health, these are temporary and only because of lack of sleeping or excessive fatigue. If handled with care, they can be cured easily. On the other hand, in some cases, it can also be a sign of some serious disease. In both cases, if we want to treat the dark circles permanently we need to change our life style which should include the exercise 3-4 times a week, health food, plenty of water to drink, avoiding junk food and taking care of sleeping times.

Best eye creams for dark circles

There are also some creams available for dark circles which can also help to fade the dark circles. You can buy some of these from Aliexpress and Amazon. Some of the creams which have greater number of orders and good reviews are given below. You can try one of these creams to treat the dark circles.

1- This one you can try from

2- Second cream for dark circles is here

It is really important  to follow the method of use of every cream you use for the treatment of dark circles so you can get the really good results.



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